Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Peter Andrew Nolan the wannabe Islamic Jihadi terrorist and his imaginary Twitter friend

So, what does Peter Andrew Nolan do - having just fled Germany lest he spends more time in jail there and being forced to live in exile in Fiji because of warrants issued for his arrest in Australia, Ireland and the United States - because he doesn't have a real friend in the world?

Well, the vile and odious Peter Andrew Nolan thinks outside the tiny square which is his demented mind and creates an equally vile and odious imaginary online friend to try to rally similar feeble minded people to his demented fixations on Twitter!

Peter Andrew Nolan - who also goes by the dodgy alias Joschua Brandon Boehm - claims the Twitter troll "Winston Smith" is in fact an anonymous supporter if his. Funny how "Winston" is able to post on Nolan's repugnant Manbook site, he rants exactly the way Nolan does online and the only links he posts on Twitter are to posts Nolan has made on his own demented websites.

Here are some of the offensive rants from the wannabe Muslim Jihadi terrorist Peter Andrew Nolan, posing as Smith - has posted on Twitter:


Meanwhile, on one of Nolan's Facebook pages:

And here's some screen shots of Nolan twitter ranting in his own name ... you can't tell us "Winston Smith" doesn't sound EXACTLY like Loopy Pete!`

Really Peter Andrew Nolan. the worst thing about you being a cheap dodgy wannabe Empower Network conman is that you are so God damn awful at it!

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