Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Peter Nolan rabbits on about freedom of speech, but he deletes this comment

Hypocrite with no ethics Peter Andrew Nolan has posted a video in which he cries crocodile tears about how he has been slandered to prospective employers and subjected to false allegations, which are pretty much the stock in his shameful trade.

In October 2013 he viciously attacked an American university student, accusing her of making a false rape allegation and publishing all of her personal details online to the point she was forced to close down all of her social media and go into physical hiding after receiving death threats due to his demented campaign against her.

Your attitude towards your victim? Well, we will quote YOU: "If Rachel Cassidy goes out tomorrow and buys a gun and blows her head off that's not a problem for me. I'm prepared to say that in the public."

Despite no less than the head of the university and the Ohio Police Chief declaring Nolan had gone after the wrong girl, his vicious campaign against her remains on his appalling Crimes Against Fathers website.

And yep, Nolan deleted our comment on his Empower Network spruikfest because he's a dishonest coward with zero morality.

And Peter, we've never slandered you on this blog, just quoted you, which is more than enough to rightfully destroy your reputation! You're a dishonest and deceptive scumbag!


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