Thursday, November 26, 2015

Yep, this psychopath actually wrote this to a Sydney Morning Herald journalist.

Excerpt from an e-mail from Peter Andrew Nolan to Sydney Morning Herald Columnist Sam Brett, 9 March, 2009. Nolan published this e-mail himself on his hateful and demented Crimes Against Fathers website ... we have no further words ... :

You see…I have already made up my mind how I will survive the coming maelstrom…..the holocaust…..if I survive the first nuclear/biological attacks…..You want to know how? If pushed, I will likely have to kill women to eat them. They will be one of the few plentiful sources of protein and liquid around. Just the healthy ones mind you….Now, some women find that notion ‘upsetting’. Why? Women are constantly abusing men and kicking them to the gutter and laughing about it. Men are committing suicide at 4x the background population rate in divorce. And all that is completely un-necessary…it is driven simply by the greed and selfishness of women programmed into them by evil men and enabled by a corrupted legal system. Women do not HAVE to do this. Whereas, when the global holocaust comes, there will be no food to eat. Men, being larger and physically stronger, are simply going to have to kill those people less able to defend themselves to survive. And if you think there are not a LOT of men who would do this, try reading the stats on just how many men have been kicked to the gutter over the last 30 years by greedy women.

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