Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wannabe serial killer Peter Nolan's latest dodgy scam and his business partner

Dodgy con man

INTERNATIONALLY hated terrorist, wanted criminal, woman hater and internet bully Peter Andrew Nolan has several Facebook personas - there's one which is mainly only accessible by his thuggish bully boy associates, one dedicated to his hateful Manbook spouting lies and persecution and then there's the new sharing caring Peter Nolan, which spruiks his latest failed money grubbing scam Empower Network. His Loopiness has even revamped his so called "business" website to push his latest inept attempt at a dodgy scam ... there have been many over the years, and all have failed.

Loopy Pete is even bombarding the World Wide Web with scary videos about his latest easy money misadventure, which so far has not made him dollar one after several months of trying to scam and bully his MRA associates.

You see, Loopy Pete is staying in Germany despite not having a valid visa, and working there, despite not having a Work Permit, and faces deportation to Australia and Ireland to face serious jail time due to Arrest Warrants ... in short, he's getting even more desperate!

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