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Yep, this psychopath actually wrote this to a Sydney Morning Herald journalist.

Excerpt from an e-mail from Peter Andrew Nolan to Sydney Morning Herald Columnist Sam Brett, 9 March, 2009. Nolan published this e-mail himself on his hateful and demented Crimes Against Fathers website ... we have no further words ... :

You see…I have already made up my mind how I will survive the coming maelstrom…..the holocaust…..if I survive the first nuclear/biological attacks…..You want to know how? If pushed, I will likely have to kill women to eat them. They will be one of the few plentiful sources of protein and liquid around. Just the healthy ones mind you….Now, some women find that notion ‘upsetting’. Why? Women are constantly abusing men and kicking them to the gutter and laughing about it. Men are committing suicide at 4x the background population rate in divorce. And all that is completely un-necessary…it is driven simply by the greed and selfishness of women programmed into them by evil men and enabled by a corrupted legal system. Women do not HAVE to do this. Whereas, when the global holocaust comes, there will be no food to eat. Men, being larger and physically stronger, are simply going to have to kill those people less able to defend themselves to survive. And if you think there are not a LOT of men who would do this, try reading the stats on just how many men have been kicked to the gutter over the last 30 years by greedy women.

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‘Manbook’ founder threatens lives of women who sign up for his men-only Facebook clone

Joschua Boehm aka Peter Nolan (YouTube)
The creator of ‘Manbook,’ identified as Joschua Boehm — but who also uses the names Peter Nolan, Peter-Andrew: Nolan, and Joschua-Brandon: Boehm — wrote on his newly-launched site, “We would ask you women to respect our rights as you wish your rights to be respected. If you are unwilling to respect our right to freedom of association do not expect men to respect your right to life. Ok?”
Boehm, who has a history of online anti-woman rhetoric, also maintains a website called Crimes Against Fathers where he “names and shames” women he believes have perjured themselves when leveling accusations of rape, sexual assault, or pedophilia against men.
In an interview with Buzzfeed in 2013, Boehm, speaking as Peter Nolan, said of CAF, “It’s a site that men could come to had they been a victim of a crime. The family courts are used to destroy men like this.”
In 2013, Nolan falsely identified a Ohio University student of filing a fake sexual assault claim against a fellow student, causing the misidentified young woman to have to leave school and delete her social media presence after receiving a deluge of harassment online.
On the “Manbook’ website, Boehm wrote, “Ladies, we have called the site ManBook for a reason. We do not wish to have women present. We wish this to be a place where men and boys down to about the age of 16 can come and discuss the issues on their minds without the censorship of fascist [Face]book.”
“We have asked politely for women to not register but you are registering anyway. This shows total lack of respect for our right to freedom of association. We do not wish to associate with women in this place. Period, ” he wrote. “Since women have so immediately shown us men that you do not respect our right to freedom of association we will summarily delete any account that has a womans (sic) name on it.”
Boehm went to write,  “So. Ladies. Learn what a right is and do not be violating the rights of other people, especially men, if you are not prepared to have your rights violated in return. Ok?”
Boehm, under the Peter Nolan name, also maintains a YouTube channel dedicated to videos of his own speeches urging lawmakers to change laws he feels are unfair to men, as well as uploaded videos of men ranting about women they believe have done them wrong.

Men’s Rights website falsely accuses Ohio University student of being a false rape accuser

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c): False accuser
Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c): False accuser
Well, this is depressing. The Raw Story is reporting that
An Ohio University sophomore has deactivated her social media accounts and is afraid to leave her house after she was falsely identified as the woman who reported she’d been raped in an incident captured on cell phone video by a passerby.
The student, Rachel Cassidy, now falsely accused of being a false rape accuser, has had her personal information — not just her name but her address, the name of her sorority, her social media accounts, even her Pinterest page — listed on a Men’s Rights site called Crimes Against Fathers. (I won’t link to it.)
The man behind Crimes Against Fathers? None other than the notorious Men’s Rights extremist and crackpot Peter Andrew Nolan — or, as he prefers to be known, for reasons I don’t fully understand, Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) . Apparently taking inspiration from Paul Elam’s, Nolan’s site does what Register-Her only threatened to do: it actually releases the personal information of those it identifies as “Man-Hating Women.” He will even add names of women you don’t like to the list for a fee of $70 (Australian).
So far the site has several hundred women listed, most of them apparently women who have run afoul of Nolan or his most active lieutenant on the site, the pseudonymous “John Rambo” of “Boycott American Women” fame, either online or in real life. In most cases, luckily, the amount of personal information given out is relatively scanty and the number of people who’ve actually viewed the posts (which is listed on the site) has been small.
That’s not the case with Cassidy, whose life Nolan and “Rambo” have set out to ruin as thoroughly as they can. In addition to her personal information, the site has also dug up an assortment of pictures of her scraped from various sites on the internet.
And, unwilling to believe that she is not the woman in the video — and a false accuser of rape — the two have taken aim at those who’ve stepped forward to defend Cassidy. They’ve posted the personal information of Jenny Hall-Jones, the Dean of Students at Ohio University, for the “crime” of publicly saying that Cassidy is not the woman in the video, as well as several other women who’ve come out in support of Cassidy.
On Crimes Against Fathers, “Rambo” writes
[C]onsidering that women will always try to cover for their fellow women, and will NEVER hold their fellow women accountable, there is a very strong possibility that Jenny [Hall-Jones]  is LYING and that Rachel Cassidy IS the girl in that video. This means that Jenny Hall-Jones is a CRIMINAL because she is covering up for the CRIME of making a false rape accusation. Therefore, she is a criminal and needs to be publicly exposed as such.
Neither “Rambo” nor Nolan has leveled similar accusations against Ohio University president Roderick McDavis, a man, though he too has said that the woman in the video is not Cassidy.
Men’s Rights activists like to say that Nolan isn’t really one of them. If this is the case, they should be willing to stand up and denounce his reprehensible actions, and the very idea of his Crimes Against Fathers “Man-Hating Women” directory.

Peter Nolan rightfully jailed in Germany as the criminal he is

Wannabe serial killer Peter Nolan's latest dodgy scam and his business partner

Dodgy con man

INTERNATIONALLY hated terrorist, wanted criminal, woman hater and internet bully Peter Andrew Nolan has several Facebook personas - there's one which is mainly only accessible by his thuggish bully boy associates, one dedicated to his hateful Manbook spouting lies and persecution and then there's the new sharing caring Peter Nolan, which spruiks his latest failed money grubbing scam Empower Network. His Loopiness has even revamped his so called "business" website to push his latest inept attempt at a dodgy scam ... there have been many over the years, and all have failed.

Loopy Pete is even bombarding the World Wide Web with scary videos about his latest easy money misadventure, which so far has not made him dollar one after several months of trying to scam and bully his MRA associates.

You see, Loopy Pete is staying in Germany despite not having a valid visa, and working there, despite not having a Work Permit, and faces deportation to Australia and Ireland to face serious jail time due to Arrest Warrants ... in short, he's getting even more desperate!

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Thug Peter Nolan tries to cover his fat ass to Empower Network

German cops chase up illegal immigrant criminal Nolan

Peter Nolan's claim into Existence a STATE OF WAR on the Land of Australia

Empower Network is happy to do business with a wanted criminal who threatened to kill Irish politicians and their families

Empower Network obviously aren't too fussy about who their venture associates with in business and whose senior members are facebook friends with.

Nolan has an Arrest Warrant out on him in Ireland for this little episode:

This article was written by respected senior writer Pat Flanagan of The Mirror in London:
Byline: PAT FLANAGAN  September 6, 2012

DAIL authorities warned TDs their lives could be in danger after an admirer of mass killer Anders Breivik claimed they are lawful targets. 

Weirdo Peter Nolan has declared war on Ireland and there are fears he is trying to incite others to follow the Norwegian fascist’s example. 

On Tuesday the Dail’s top security officer wrote to TDs about another email sent by Nolan. 

While one TD described Nolan as a “nutcase” his threats are being taken seriously because of his support for Breivik, who was not considered a risk before he murdered 77 victims. In an email to all TDs the Dail Captain of the Guard John Flaherty wrote: “I wish to take this opportunity to inform you a number of Members highlighted to me concerns regarding a further email sent to Members on Sept 4, 2012. 

“I have furnished the email notice to the Garda authorities and requested an update on the investigation.” 

In a vile YouTube rant Australian Nolan quotes from the Bible and warns no one paid attention to Breivik until he embarked on his killing spree last summer. 

He also describes teenagers mercilessly gunned down on the island of Utoya as criminals killed like “fish in a barrel”. 

Nolan states: “Breivik showed the politicians of the world killing the next generation of politicians is the simplest task to perform. His large bomb killed just a few people but his shooting on the island killed many, many people who were on a youth camp for the Marxist left. 

“The next generation of criminal politicians in training. It must have been like shooting big fish in a small barrel. 

“I wonder how the parents of those young adults Anders Breivik gunned down feel about their refusal to listen to the spoken word or read the written word. 

“Perhaps those in the Norwegian Government are a little more inclined to listen to those who are criminally victimised at their behest?” He warned there is a risk to politicians, the gardai and members of the Law Society. 

Nolan said: “So the risk that those in the Dail, Law Society, gardai and editors in chief now face is this. 

“Is there one or more men in Ireland willing to declare war and take up arms against his oppressors? 

“And if so, will that man, rather than acting in blind rage and anger, stop and think about the political statement he wishes to make with his life?” 

Nolan, who is believed to in hiding in Germany, lived here from 2001 to 2006. He applied for Irish citizenship but his application was turned down last February. 


INSPIRED Nolan and his hero Breivik

Peter Nolan's address and phone numbers.

Lowlife Peter Andrew Nolan has his address and phone number listed in the German White Pages:
His contact phone numbers are:
0721 46 72 92 06
+49 17328 03710
Looks like an apartment block, but his address is listed as:
Hedwig-Kettler-Str. 5, 76137 Karlsruhe
Hello Facebook!

Peter Nolan craps on about Honesty, Honour, Integrity

Nolan seeks to distance himself from his own name.

MRA Peter Nolan: “Killing women is the only path to justice for men now.”

Peter Andrew Nolan: At war with women
Peter Andrew Nolan: At war with women
Men’s Rights Activists love to “warn” women that they may soon face a day of reckoning if they don’t shape up and start acting the way MRAs think they should. Don’t make men angry, they say; you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry!
Still, most MRAs making these “predictions” at least make a token effort to pretend to be horrified at the notion of men rising up to wreak vengeance upon uppity women. This isn’t what we want, they assure women; it’s just what will happen if you continue to “provoke” men with your bad behavior.
Other MRAs find it impossible to contain their glee; like doomsday preppers with well-stocked bunkers and enough ammo to kill every living thing within a 500 mile radius, they can’t wait for the end of the world.
Peter Andrew Nolan is one of these other MRAs. And he’s started to celebrate a little bit early.
In a series of recent blog posts and Tweets, Nolan has heralded a number of murders of women at the hands of their exes in his native Australia as portents of a new age of antifeminist retribution. (Click on screenshots below to see archived versions of these Tweets.)
I’m sure actress Denise Richards was delighted to find the above in her Twitter notifications, sent as a reply to a Tweet of hers wishing her father a happy Father’s Day.
Several feminists who ended up in a discussion with him on Twitter were treated to the following.
As Nolan sees it, the murder of women in Australia and Ireland is now perfectly legal, as he has officially declared war upon both countries.
Nolan thinks politicians and police officers are also legitimate targets in his “war.”
And he assures us this “war” will continue until he is properly compensated for whatever terrible injustices he thinks have been done to him.
Now, Nolan’s “legal” claims are of course ludicrous, and he is obviously in no position to “release” any murderers of women in either Ireland or Australia.
But as bizarre as his arguments are, Nolan is no troll; as longtime readers of this blog know all too well, he’s deadly serious about all of this.
The man who used to call himself Peter-Andrew: Nolan©, but who now prefers to call himself Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©, is a follower of the exceedingly strange and dangerous Sovereign Citizen movement. He thinks the odd punctuation he’s added to his various names actually means something important, and he does indeed believe that he is at war with Ireland and Australia, that murdering women is legal in both countries, and that he has the right to enforce these claims of his as best he can.
Happily, he is not actually in either of these countries — last I heard, he’s in Germany, and as I understand it, he is barred from entering Ireland and possibly Australia as well. At least according to the laws that the rest of the world follows.
This isn’t the first time Nolan has justified or indeed celebrated violence against women. His declarations of “war” are not new. He’s offered some (barely) qualified praise for far-right mass murderer Anders Breivik, and at one point he warned any women thinking of commenting on his laughable Facebook ripoff MAN-BOOK that he just might just kill them for it.
But these recent Tweets are pretty brazen, even by his standards. He is clearly a threat to women, as well as to politicians and government employees regardless of gender.
H/T — @TheFirstPaige

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) warns women who comment on his Facebook ripoff site that he just might kill them for it

ManBook founder: No girls allowed!
ManBook founder: No girls allowed!
The last we heard from Men’s-Rights-adjacent eccentric Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c), he was falsely accusing an Ohio University student of being a false rape accuser and posting her personal information on the internet.
Now he’s back in the news again with an exciting new social media venture. While Paul Elam takes on the world of publishing with his Possibly Still Unnamed Publishing House for Men Who Don’t Write Good (not its real name), Nolan(c) is taking on an even bigger target: Facebook.
Nolan(c), who for complicated crackpot reasons now goes by the name Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c), has just launched ManBook, his version of Facebook, but for men only. While ManBook might look to the world like a glorified blog, Nolan(c) Boehm sees it as a viable alternative to the alleged misandrist tyranny and “censorship” of “fascist book.”
Well, unless you’re a woman. If you’re a woman and try to post on ManBook, Nolan(c)Boehm(c) explains, he has the right to kill you.
Nolan(c) Boehm(c) explains this rather strict comment policy as follows:
We have asked politely for women to not register but you are registering anyway. This shows total lack of respect for our right to freedom of association. We do not wish to associate with women in this place. Period. …
We would ask you women to respect our rights as you wish your rights to be respected. If you are unwilling to respect our right to freedom of association do not expect men to respect your right to life. Ok?
So far ManBook is little more than a collection of blog posts by Nolan(c) Boehm(c) with a smattering of comments, but the site has gotten a bit of media attention, inspiring posts onRaw Story and Jezebel, mostly because of that whole “killing women” thing.
While Nolan(c) Boehm(c) is clearly delighted with all the traffic that his new notoriety has brought him, he doesn’t feel he’s getting a fair shake on the whole “right to kill women who post comments” deal. In a post today, he responded to one critic with this, er, clarification of his philosophy:
[Y]ou have to love the fact that he actually encourages women to go and join the site thereby encouraging women to violate the right of freedom of association. This is why men are now starting to kill women more often in divorce. Because men openly encourage women to violate the rights of other men and then pretend to be “horrified” when the men defend their rights with force, up to and including deadly force.
But, you know, if you’re a dude, Nolan(c) Boehm(c) would love you to sign up for his wannabe Facebook-killer site. You can even log into his site … using Facebook.
ManBook is not Nolan(c) Boehm(c)’s first attempt to take on an internet giant. He is also the man behind a little site called A-MAN-ZON. THE politically incorrect store for MEN.
… which also looks suspiciously like a blog. I’m not even sure that there’s a way to buy anything on the site. There are no links to actual products or categories of products on the site’s main page, and a search for books turns up one online “book” that you can “buy” for free.
In a welcome note on A-Man-Zon, Nolan(c) Boehm(c) can’t help but come back to the whole evil-women issue:
Stop spending your money with men who will sell products and services to men and then take that money and give it to women to spend on lawyers in  the divorce courts until the man is so harassed and so broke that he decides to kill himself like Robin Williams did this week.
And the FIRST such man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigot that I recommend men stop spending money with is Jeff Bezos.
Jeff Bezos is one of the worlds biggest man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigots.
Jeff Bezos openly employs tens of thousands of women who have committed crimes against fathers in divorce courts. He is completely un-apologetic about that.
Despite the name, Nolan(c) Boehm(c) makes it clear that women are allowed to buy from A-Man-Zon — at least if they are
“good women” who are “man enough” not to be “offended” by other peoples opinions … #WomenAgainstFeminism are welcome to be buyers of products and services here.
So he apparently has no problem accepting women’s money — just their opinions.

Worst Internet Troll Yet Falsely Accuses Woman Of Falsely Reporting Rape

WE still look to people who might be role models, guys that do things right, that give me some guidance on how to be a good man, a decent man, somebody that people might respect. Somebody that gives respect.

Creepy Internet troll Peter Nolan  

Peter Nolan is not that role model. Not by a long shot.

He is, in our view, though, one of the creepiest Internet trolls out there.

You've never heard of Nolan, most likely, but he heads this group (or he's the only member of the group)  "Crimes Against Fathers" whose mission seems to be to really nail woman who allegedly falsely accuse people of rape.

What Peter Nolan and/or his group does is put online personal information, i.e. name, address, of the women he says falsely yell rape.

He recently did this to a woman we'll call Rachel at Ohio University. Only problem was, the woman he's targeting had nothing to do with the sexual encounter he's highlighting. 

Nolan is unrepentant though. Rachel sort of, maybe, kinda, looks like the woman in the sex tape that is part of the rape accusation. Therefore, in Nolan's logic, she's the one that falsely reported the rape.

Never mind that Rachel, Ohio University, police and prosecutors all insist Rachel had nothing to do with the sexual encounter that might have been a rape. She has apparently not reported any recent crimes, falsely or otherwise.

She might have happened to be in the same building where the alleged rape happened,  maybe, but she's not involved.

And, police say, they're still investigating the incident and are not sure yet if there even was a sexual encounter (there probably was) or if there was a false accusation of rape from anyone (So far, no proof or strong indication there was)

Because of Nolan, Rachel can't go to classes and is in hiding. Because Nolan the troll, who put Rachel's information on line, inspired a whole bunch of other trolls, as these things tend to do. They've been threatening her, making her life hell.

I hope Rachel sues the hell out of Nolan, but I doubt she'll be able to. Nolan the Wimp is hiding out in Germany, it seems.

Nolan told the New York Daily News this:

"The University of Ohio and the local police aer not credible sources of information The police are the LAST people I would trust for passing out information.....

"What would be credible information, is for the woman who made the false rape allegation to be named, her photograph released to the public for comparison to the video, and for those who witnessed the event to sign afficavits under oath tha the woman they saw at the incident is the woman who now admits that she made the false rape allegation."

 Hoo-boy. And we're supposed to believe Nolan is a more credible source than police and Ohio University?

And that Nolan plans to continue torturing Rachel until a possibly fictional woman shows up to admit she falsely accused somebody of rape and that the people visible in this video are going to sign some big statement and affidavit just to make Nolan happy?

Besides, who cares if Rachel is not the woman in the video, according to Nolan. If she gets so upset by his actions that she commits suicide, good, because men are so persecuted by false accusations and discriminated against by society, says Nolan according to Buzzfeed.

According to Buzzfeed, if you can stand it:

"Absolutely, we know that we might injure this woman. This woman might to out and commit suicide," he (Nolan) says.

He sees the issue as part of a larger societal issue of men being villified in courts and by the media. It's an issue that he says he's standing up against by publicly naming women wo are possibly committing perjury.

"If Rachel...goes out tomorrow and buys a agun and blows her head off that's not a problem for me. I'm prepared to say that in public," he says. "Now the reason I'm prepared to say that in public is because I'm reflecting back the exact same attitude that it would be if it were a man."

So what he's saying is he'd be happy to have an innocent woman be driven to suicide because of his perception that society is biased against men.  Whether or not Rachel is biased against men is beside the point.

I'd love somebody to get Nolan's personal information on line to give him a taste of his own medicine. I don't normally like trolling, but in this case, he deserves it.

But of course Nolan the wimp is now hiding even more now. You can't access his Crimes Against Fathers site. I don't know if he took it down or somebody else did.

He does have a video on YouTube, but the comment section is disabled. You wouldn't want to hurt his feelings even mildly criticizing him, apparently, but yet he can torture via the Internet women he hasn't met, doesn't know and has total misinformation about them

I guess Nolan really IS a role model, come to think of it. A role model on how I should live my life exactly the opposite he does.